Welcome to Stats Education! My name is Adam Sullivan and I am an Assistant Professor of Biostatistics programs at Brown University.

Most of my work is involved in Education and mentoring of students. I am also the Director of Master’s Programs in Biostatistics at Brown University as well as the Faculty Statistician at the Hassenfeld Child Health Innovation Institute.

I have a passion for teaching and mentoring students. This passion started when I was an undergraduate student and started tutoring and grading homework. I now have been involved in education for over 16 years and have been teaching in some capacity for 15 of those years.


I earned a BA in Mathematics and Secondary Education from Houghton College in 2003. I taught high school math in New York for 3.5 years following this before earning a MS in Mathematics from South Dakota State University. I finished up my academic years at Harvard University where I earned a PhD in Biostatistics in 2015. During this time I have taught high school math from Algebra to AP Calculus, College Algebra, Undergraduate Introductory Statistics and my current courses at Brown University.

I am very interested in creating unique and powerful educational settings for students and have actively flipped 2 different courses. The first being a course at Harvard University and the second being PHP 2560 at Brown University. PHP 2560 is currently hosted at DataCamp but over the course of 2017 it will be moved here to Stats Education.

If you are interested in Biostatistics Master’s Programs at Brown University or in collaborating on Statistics Education please contact me at:

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